Going to Mars

On Mars

He got off of his shiny Bugatti and rushed into his mansion. Briskly, he skipped through the corridors. His crocodile leather shoe soles tapped the wooden floor announcing his presence. He passed the rooms and up the stairs of his Victorian style mansion, while briefly greeted his housemaids along his way. This mansion was once belonged to a wealthy generation of royals. When the lordship filed for bankruptcy, the mansion was up for sale. Then, this eccentric mogul he was, bought it at once.

He went to the left wing of the mansion toward his room. He was looking for his wife. The room was squeaky clean. The housemaid must have just finished cleaning it.

He then searched another room. In this room, the wall was painted pink and princess theme was dominating the main decoration. From the size of the bed, the one sleeping in this room wouldn’t be older than 10 years old. This room was once again empty, except for a housemaid who was making the bed. He looked anxious so the housemaid was worried and asked him, “is everything alright, sir?”

“Where’s my daughter?” he asked. Continue reading

Blasting Ramadan


First of all, happy Ied everyone. I’ve been planning to post this since before Ied, but I was so stuffed that I could only manage to publish this post a few days after.

With so many news about terror and bombing in the Muslim world, Ramadan this year literally blasts. The first one was the Ataturk Istanbul Airport bombing. I (and maybe the other civilians like me) thought that it was going to be the only bombing incident. But I was wrong. Big time. Because there were several others. SEVERAL. There weren’t ‘just’ two bombing incidents, there were AT LEAST four! In the last ten days of Ramadan. ‘At least’ because I heard more than just Istanbul, Baghdad, Dhaka and Qatif and Medina. Not to mention, the fatalities put together? Istanbul accident costs around 40 lives, Baghdad around 250. I don’t exactly get the number of fatalities in other ‘blasted’ areas, but you get the picture, right? It’s not… healthy.

When someone asks you: ‘hey, have you heard about this recent bombing incident?’ and you replied with: ‘which one?’ it indicates that something is not quite in place. Anyway, I don’t write to discuss about the bad guy here. Even though that would be a very interesting topic, with the conspiracy theory, et cetera. But, no, I would not go there too far.

In my entire experience with Ramadan, I have never experienced something quite like this. The last ten days for me, were honestly filled with mixed emotions. At first I was so sad. I have never felt so blue over things that don’t happen directly around me before, but these were too much. Then the sadness turned to anger, and it took its toll in Medina bombing. When I heard about Medina bombing, I was so furious. Medina is one of the holy in cities for Muslim (I haven’t been there L). Whoever dares to mess with even just the gate has such huge balls! Huge, stupid, deranged, damned balls (sorry for the words).  But, this helpless being couldn’t do anything except venting it out on social media and some friends.

I can’t even begin to imagine how the victims’ family getting through Ied. I got goosebumps, thinking about it. How I hate that the terrorizing party is always affiliated with ‘Islamic’ organization and have the word ‘Islam’ on their name. They really really really should erase the word ‘Islam’ on their official name. They don’t deserve it. Sigh.

I guess, ‘Happy Ied’ would not be relevant for everyone. Even so, I could only wish the people Allah’s abundance blessings. And as for the parting victim, I could only wish them Jannah- that they can forever live in happiness. ‘Indeed we belong to Allah, and to Him we shall return’. I hope next Ramadan will be much better for everyone and we’re still around to experience it.


Best Friend


friendship (www.huffingtonpost.com)


I went on a business trip with my best friend. After one tough day, we went to a bar and had some drinks. We have known each other since we were in college. We were very close. Almost inseparable that people would think we’re gay couple. but apparently, we’re not. In fact, I am married to a beautiful woman that I met in college. Even though we met in college, I and my wife just only started dating after we graduated. Also currently, I am a father of an 11-months-old baby boy.

My relationship with my best friend has ups and downs. There was a time when we acted like we didn’t know each other. We had quite a clash, some time after we graduated, that we did not talk to each other for months- after he punched me and broke my nose that required me to get a nose job. It was all because of something that related to my wife. Actually, my wife was my best friend’s ex-girlfriend in college. I had betrayed him somehow, because when he tried to get back to my wife, he found out that his trusted mate (which was me) was currently dating her. He was furious because he told me of his plan and how he was still in love with her and how miserable he was after the break up while I just listened and nodded and kept silent hoping he wouldn’t find out. Then, the day he found out was the day I got a nose job. Anyway, I still remember exactly the pain of a broken nose. Continue reading

The Threat of The ’27 Club’


I turned 27 yesterday. Yeay!

Well, not exactly excited about that, though. I guess it’s true that through time you start to care less about birthdays (or getting older). It’s not that I already feel anxious about being old. I mean I’m 27 for God’s sake, I’m not like 57. But the pressure that comes with fulfilling the typical age achievement starts to build up on me. Yeah, I do feel rather anxious about being 27 while still in my state, that I found lack of 20s achievement. That makes me feel old for being me, me in this state. I realize and I logically agree that age is just a number and things can happen whether when you’re 27, 15, 34 or 60. But emotionally, I still find it hard to agree with. Especially, when my surrounding constantly reminding me that I’m going to be 30 before I know it or whatever, or that I am going to get too old for some stuff, or as a woman I’m going to be ‘expired’.  Things like that should not bother me in the first place, but still, a mere human like me, no matter how hard I remind myself not to, I still feel bothered.

Anyway, 27 is a tough age, right? Some rock stars didn’t survive the age 27, hence the phrase ‘27 Club’. People like Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain died at the age 27. Suicide and drug overdose, mostly. They could not handle the pressure of the world in their 27 mind. See, being 27 is tough… for rock stars. Luckily, I’m not a rock star. I have high hopes for surviving the threat of 27 Club and hopefully the other clubs to come. I’m grateful that I have the chance to be a healthy, happy, fortunate 27 year old woman. If my wish and dream could not be fulfilled when I am 27, maybe I can achieve something greater when I’m 37. Who knows, right? What I know is that I have lots that I want to do and I haven’t finished a friction of it. I hope that I’m fortunate enough to be given as much time to do all those things, moreover to have done it successfully.

So, happy birthday, self. Long way away, and you need to start running :)

Just Too Much


I can’t contain you

You always seep out through my fingers
And I am tired of always chasing you, collecting you
Trying hard to hold the pieces of you
Keeping you whole inside my grasp

I held my breath

I’m counting to three, to five, to ten
Watching you melt away
While my palms are scratched, out of the friction
You made

Me blushed
Reddish cheek, rounded sweat, wet
Then I’m full and fed

I would swallow you
Contain you inside my chest
But you are too hot, it burned my tongue
It burned my gut

I felt greedy, I gave up
I vomit you and I’m sorry for that
How I want you but

You’re just too much


Dessy Farhany

Gadget Ramadhan

Kalau lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya di jalan itu biasa. Apalagi kalau sekarang lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya pas lagi ngumpul rame-rame juga udah nggak aneh. Tapi kalau lihat orang sibuk sama handphone-nya terus cekakak-cekikik rame-rame di masjid pas wirid sebelum solat teraweh sih… mungkin nggak aneh juga, tapi menurut gue nggak pantes deh. Duh!

Mungkin fenomena ini sudah terjadi sejak lama. Continue reading